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Main Functions:

  1.   Animate Vehicle

  2. -rotate the vehicle using the Euler angle slider bars

  3. -select the Euler-Angle set from a pull-down menu

  4. -animation can be shown about the Principle Rotation Vector or each Euler axis

  1.   Data Import and Export

  2. -save the attitude data to an exportable file

  3. -users can import an attitude file to use Aptus to display their vehicle rotations

  1.   File Settings

  2. -options are provided that allow the user to select files and vary the display rate

  1.   Arrows

  2. -define and animate arrows (vectors) within the 3D image to help convey the operation of the vehicle

  1.   Refer to tutorial in the User Manual for more information

click to view more screenshotsAptus_Screen_Shots.html
Watch a video demoAptus_Videos.html

Version 1.3

Attitude Visualization and Animation

aptus (a’•pit•us) noun; Latin fitted, connected, fastened

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